Our Environmental Policy:

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn is committee to providing good quality service minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. By employing and encouraging sustainable practices we are ensuring the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations. Some of the main steps we have taken to reduce our impact include:

• The use of low energy light fixtures, to include the replacement of all incandescent light bulbs with more modern energy efficient fluorescent bulbs and LED technology.

• Implementation of a linen and towel multi-use program for the guests.

• In coordination with local municipal authorities, we have implemented an on-site recycling program that will handle the recycling of paper, glass, plastic and aluminum waste.

• Installation of water efficient low flow valves in our sinks and showers, as well as water saver commodes.

• Rainwater collection to supplement water usage for our laundry and commodes.

• Using only refillable bio-degradable hair and soap products in our rooms.

• Conducting regular training meetings with our staff, encouraging environmental consciousness and involvement in turning off lights, appliances, TVs, fans and ACs in the rooms when vacant or out of use.

• Closing all shades and curtains to windows when the room is not in use.

• Reducing our office automation paper usage with the use of emails and other electronic methods, while re-using and recycling all paper.

• Having a sanitary and efficient method for organic kitchen waste disposal, creating a compost system for our landscaping program.

• Using only cloth table covers and napkins in our restaurant, totally avoiding the use of any disposable dishes or products. No Styrofoam is ever used.

• Actively participating in our local beach clean-up; pro actively installing and maintaining receptacles on the beach, providing an avenue for public participation in our clean beach initiative.

• As active members of the Sierra Club, we consistently participate in events that encourage environmental consciousness.


Luqullio Sunrise Pet Policy: 


No pets are allowed. If you have a service animal please call us before booking so we can meet you with the right accommodations.